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Investigation Strategy; CNP Merchant Acceptance

Investigation Strategy; CNP Merchant Acceptance

New Fraud Scenarios have emerged in the shadow of growing global e-Commerce. Credit Cards are still the most popular CNP payment method worldwide and global card fraud is estimated to exceed$35.54 billion by 2020. Regulators force Financial Institutions to adapt their Due Diligence procedures,while cyber criminals change their “modus operandi” and increasingly abuse web shops to commit malicious fraud attacks. Card fraud continues to threaten Merchant Acquirers and Payment service providers (PSP) alike and has led to reputational damage, financial loss and substantial fines from the card associations.

The Authors of this reference guide are industry Professionals, with extensive experience in the online Payments business. Whereas the previous edition offered Underwriters and Risk Professionals a basic Manual to identify, analyze and assess various Risk Indicators, this book zooms in on current Fraud Scenarios. It provides the reader with a complete investigative methodology, including tools to detect,analyze and prevent fraud, from on-boarding up to the final decision to decline or accept a merchant. The reader is also provided with a detailed examination of Transaction Laundering and malicious forms of Aggregation.

‍Underwriters are the first line of defense in the corporate security of CNP payments and Merchant Acquiring. With this Book, the Authors hope to contribute to the protection of Financial Institutions,Card Processors, Merchant Acquirers and Merchants against avoidable financial loss and reputational damage. Even more experienced Risk professionals will find this book useful.

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17th oktober 2016