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Business Radar Corporate Website

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Business Radar is a global leader in news media monitoring. By using state-of-the-art AI technologies, we provide real-time and customizable updates by scanning virtually every online source. Our powerful insights cover all key developments impacting a company’s direction, providing an enhanced view of its place within its industry. This allows companies to accurately identify potential risks, seize opportunities and outsmart the competition, 24/7.

The company develops intelligent and intuitive solutions for decision-makers; solutions which turn unstructured (web)data into relevant and valuable business information, by scanning hundreds of millions of online sources; news articles, brand and patent registrations, and annual reports to help underwriters, risk professionals, sales directors, market analysts and international investors identify risk and opportunities related to interesting companies, legal entities, suppliers, customers or competitors.

I wrote the content for their new corporate website.

Link to corporate website Business Radar


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Posted on

11th October 2022