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2024 Nikulipe Report: Payments and E-Commerce in Africa

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Nikulipe Payments and eCommerce in Africa Report

By reading Nikulipe’s 2024 Payments and e-Commerce in Africa Report you will learn a lot more about digital payments and e-commerce in Africa. Learn about the e-commerce and digital payments landscape in the world’s fastest growing continent with a spotlight on Eastern Africa. Today, 70% of Sub-Saharan Africans are younger than 30. The continent’s median age of Africa is 19.7 years, half the median age in Europe, with twice its population. Africa is home to some of the most populated countries in the world, with giants such as Nigeria (216m), Ethiopia (126m) and Egypt (112m)

Africa stands on the cusp of a profound digital transformation. Driven by remittance, mobile adoption has transformed rural and urban areas over the past decade. This innovation will drive economic progress and create many job and business opportunities for generations to come. Technology democratizes access to information and payments and fintech innovations will prove to be the great equalizer on a continent that bursts with energy, rhythm, and youth.  

If you want to learn about e-commerce trends and digital payment innovation in Africa, this interesting and free Report that I wrote for NIKULIPE can be downloaded via this Link


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17th June 2024