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Payvision White Paper; Profitable e-Commerce Industries

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White Paper Profitable eCommerce Industries

White Paper Marketing. I wrote this in-depth Industry Report (70 pages) for global payments acquirer Payvision, exploring different ways in which five industries profit from cross-border e-Commerce. I explore regional differences, trends and developments and provide statistics, facts & figures which reveal ways in which the Retail, Travel, SaaS, Gaming and Music industries benefit from e-Commerce and mobile commerce.

  • Online Retail sales figures are soaring high, with the emerging markets in the lead. The battle for winning the hearts and minds of a growing league of socially engaged global online shoppers is fought on social media platforms.
  • As more countries apply stringent legal measures to counter digital music piracy, the sales of legal subscription-based digital music is bound to grow.
  • Online gaming is becoming the lucrative online business segment in which games are transformed from products to services. Multiple device gaming is trending and so is F2P (Free-to-Play), a business model in which revenue is obtained from the sales of virtual goods.
  • User Generated Content is becoming a great business enabler for the online travel industry, as travelers engage socially, sharing their experience. In 2013, one third of all payments made for travel & tourism purchases will be made online.

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