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Compliance in the complex French regulatory landscape

Compliance regulations in France

How to expand your business in France, in sync with French rules and regulations.

In France, the Monetary and Financial Code and the French Criminal Code have defined regulations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (CFT) . In France, the parquet national financier, or PNF, has the authority to prosecute money laundering offenses at the national level where funds are obtained through corruption, fraud, or misappropriation of funds.

Financial institutions that operate in France have to comply with French law and with EU Directives. Rules and recommendations often overlap, but there are subtle differences on a national level when it comes to the interpretation and implementation of these directives.

AML and KYC regulations and compliance requirements in France can get rather complex for firms that want to expand their footprint into the French market. Particularly when France is your first stop in the European Union. This is why companies increasingly choose to partner with a regulatory compliance solutions provider. A Regtech with extensive knowledge of the European legal landscape can offer solutions and guidance.

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Posted on

5th January 2022