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How to Detect and Prevent Transaction Laundering

Detect Prevent Transaction Laundering

A Merchant’s Nightmare!

Do you want to know how to detect and prevent transaction laundering? Transaction laundering is a deceptive and illicit financial activity in which a legitimate merchant’s payment processing system is exploited to disguise illegal transactions or the sale of prohibited or counterfeit goods and services. MasterCard defines transaction laundering as “the action whereby a merchant processes payment card transactions on behalf of another merchant.” Transaction laundering is also called factoring or transaction aggregation. Criminals abuse a legitimate merchant account to process illegal or fraudulent payments for illegal products or services.

  • How does Transaction Laundering work?
  • How to detect and prevent Transaction Laundering?
  • What are the legal consequences when merchants do not take any preventive measures?
  • What are the benefits of partnering with a dedicated payment processor?

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Posted on

21st October 2023